About Space South

Space South Real Estate is a boutique, design based agency and has been created to fill a void in the south west property market. We strive to remain fresh, energetic and determined, something that many people believe is lacking in most real estate agencies. We love living in our beautiful corner of the world and we believe the fundamental success of our business is that we get other people excited about the prospects of a new living environment, whilst providing them with the highest level of service and attention to their real estate needs throughout the entire selling process.

Cross-pollinated buyers set us apart from other local agencies. Our two western suburb offices provide a database of over 10,000 registered buyers ready to purchase, enabling us depth to reach more clients to showcase your home. No matter how grand, modest or inspiring your property is, we will provide you the opportunity, platform and structure to brand it to its highest and best representation.

About Paul Manners

It sounds like a cliché, but Paul Manners is not your average real estate agent.

Family oriented and holistically driven, Paul has a profound awareness of the weightiness of decisions such as selling a long-term family home filled with memories or locating the perfect place to create a lifetime of happiness.

And much of his motivation to help clients make these life-changing transitions comes from this understanding.

“A lot of the people I deal with are either selling their treasured and much loved family home because they need to relocate or perhaps downsize, or they are looking to buy a property where they can start their journey and grow many happy memories.

“There is no way of down-playing the gravity of these kinds of decisions and for me, the most rewarding part of this job is helping people achieve their goals and dreams.

Recognising the passion of his own connection to the ocean, nature and community, Paul relocated with his wife Talei and children to the South West from Perth about five years ago.

“I have always worked in sales, and was previously a part owner in (surf label) West, I have a life-long love of surfing and the ocean, so it seemed like a natural choice to move to Gracetown. But it was a big move nonetheless and I like to think that insight helps me do a better job when I am at work.”

Paul says he always spends time getting to know his clients before rising to the challenge of finding a solution that is perfect for each situation.

“I always go the extra mile and I get a real kick out of that,” he says. “For me, it is important to build a good relationship with the people I work for so that I can understand their situation and come up with good options. I genuinely enjoy seeing people happy and I really am all about making things easier for people.”

Not surprisingly, many of Paul’s friends in the region are former clients.